CCJ Prototype

Collaborative Cataloging Japan Database Project Prototype

One of the missions of CCJ is to offer access to research resources about Japanese experimental moving image works made in the 1950s-1980s. The database includes works made after the 1980s as a means to capture the oeuvre of an artist who began working during the 1950s-1980s. In the Database project, CCJ aims to provide a portal to existing collection information, including descriptive information about the works and the artists (on going process). Combined with the resources available on the CCJ website and other resources such as essays, artist interviews, screenings, exhibitions, publication, and documentation of presentations, we carry out our "Dissemination" prong of the mission. Further, the Database documents the metadata we collect during our Collection Survey project (for internal access) that includes assessment of the preservation conditions and inventory of existing copies. This information helps us and our partners determine how to approach preservation projects. The Database Working Group comprised of experts in the field have led this project and will continue to refine it. This is a prototype of the Database, and it is a work-in-progress.