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Imperial Hotel / 帝国ホテル


"In 1967, Jonouchi captured on film the old Imperial Hotel [where Shelter Plan took place] in Imperial Hotel (1967-68), prior to the demolition, due to aging and ground subsidence, of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building. Today, Shelter Plan is widely known as a precious moving-image document of Hi Red Center in action, but when screening it each time, Jonouchi repeatedly sought to make the performance/screening an event in its own right, and he also consistently turned his attention to the venue, the Imperial Hotel.'The Imperial Hotel was the site of an event by Hi Red Center, but I was also captivated by the hotel itself, mysteriously entranced by it in fact. I filmed it several times, including in a state of collapse. When I entered its corridors, I felt just like I was entering the pyramids or something. I thought I was entering the heart of the city itself.' (Jonouchi Motoharu, interviewed by Nakajima Takashi, “The Origins of Student Film and the Nihon University Film Study Club,” Image Forum, October 1986, p. 149.)" ---Go Hirasawa, "Moment When a Singularity is Born: Essay on Jonouchi Motoharu," Collaborative Cataloging Japan, April 10, 2019,

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