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Double Identities / ダブル・アイデンティティ


Iimura explores the notion of “I” as an abstract one, even though the image and the voice belong to him. Rather, this “I” serves as an avatar that anybody can occupy. “Double Identities consists of a series of five pieces, each of which is only one and a half minutes long. Throughout the video, the image of a monitor appears within the actual monitor, and the result is a reduplicating structure in which we see one “I” in the actual monitor and watch its double in the pictured monitor.”—Takahiko Iimura, The Collected Writings, 2007. Sound in English.
この作品で飯村は、たとえそのイメージと声が彼のものであったとしても、「私」の概念を抽象的なものとして探求している。 むしろ、この「私」は誰でも占有できるアバターとして機能する。

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  • IT_111
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video