CCJ Prototype

Man and Woman / 男と女


Video performance/installation, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo. For this installation, four video tapes recorded in the same order were played on four video players and projected on four monitors with different starting points. The image showed seemingly nude (wearing thin tights) woman and man with arms and legs wide open shot from above. Iimura characterized this position as in the “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci. The immobile pose of a man’s and that of a woman’s front and the back as well as one over/under the other are shown respectively. “The narration merely describes each position in a matter-of-fact way. So that the piece is not sexual at all, as some commentators believed.”—Takahiko Iimura interview, The Moving Image Review and Journal, 2012.

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Components (3)

  • IT_103
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video

  • IT_105
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video

  • IT_106
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video