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New York Day and Night / ニューヨーク デイ・アンド・ナイト


Iimura embarks on a conceptual journey through iconic New York City sites such as Wall Street, the World Trade Center, and Washington Bridge. Held at a high angle, his camera avoids crowded streets and captures the tips of the skyline or buildings in the frame. The apparent sense of emptiness is interrupted by the bird’s flight in blue sky, the wind blowing up bubbles, an American flag floating above the street, and other city vibrations. Iimura revisits the spatial-temporal concept of “MA” in the context of New York. Music by Takehisa Kosugi.

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Components (2)

  • IT_124
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video

  • IT_125
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Video