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Observer/Observed / オブザーバ/ オブザーブド


“In this piece the relationship between the observer and the observed is transferred to a pair of cameras and a monitor, which face each other. . . . The person stands beside the camera from the beginning, and responds to the camera. At first we see a close up of both eyes of the person; she looks up and down, and a female voice (the same person’s voice) utters ‘observe’ corresponding with the movements of the eyeballs. In the 1975 version, ‘observe’ was uttered by a male voice, but this time it is said by the person herself.”—Takahiko Iimura, The Collected Writings, 2007. With Takahiko Iimura & Akiko Iimura. Sound in English. Iimura remade this work as an 8-minute video version in 1998.

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  • IT_255
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko