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On Eye Rape / オン・アイ・レイプ


“The original film was rescued form a Tokyo trash bin. It is an American sexual education film in which plant and animal sex are explained. I, together with an artist friend, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, punched big holes in almost all the frames. It was a protest against Japanese censorship of explicit images of sex, particularly public hair which the censors would cover with black marks. I inserted a few subliminal frames of pornographic imagery from a magazine several times throughout the film. At the end, I even punched holes in the subliminal pictures, thereby ‘censoring’ the censored image.”—Takahiko Iimura, The Collected Writings, 2007. Co-production with Natsuyuki Nakanishi.
「動植物の性別が説明されているアメリカの性教育映画である原作の映画は東京のゴミ箱から回収された。私は、芸術家の友人の中西夏之と共に、ほとんどすべてのフレームに大きな穴を開けた。ポルノ雑誌の写真をフレームの一部に挿入することによって、日本の性的イメージに対するセンサーシップの抗議をした。」 —Takahiko Iimura, The Collected Writings, 2007。中西夏之との共同制作

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  • IT_169
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Film

  • IT_170
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Film