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Repeated/Reversed Time / 反復し/逆行する時間


Iimura plays with a metaphor of time as a line as he explores the possibility of time to go back on reverse. “Time is often compared as a line as it flows from past, present and to future. Time is also repeating as in second, minute, and hour. But it never goes back or reverse from today to yesterday except science fiction. This film takes this metaphor of time as a line: A, B, C, D, E, which repeats as the line, but also reverses the line not as science fiction or backward animation. A white vertical line (Line A) is scratched on black leader which is punctuated every second by a dot sound for 10 seconds, then second time for 9 second and 1 second black, and third time 8 second and 2 second black, and it goes until all black. Line B repeats Line A on clear leader with black line, and Line C reverse the order on black leader. At the end Line E reaches the same time structure as Line A.”—Takahiko Iimura

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    • Silent

Components (3)

  • IT_167
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Film

  • IT_214
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Film

  • IT_215
    • Held By: Iimura Takahiko
    • Media Type: Film