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IDEMITSU, Mako / 出光真子

Born in a patriarchal family in Japan, Mako Idemitsu's works explore her inner struggle and identity as a woman, wife, daughter, mother, and a foreigner looking for a home abroad. After having two children in California with artist Sam Francis, Idemitsu took up a Super 8 film camera. The 1972 Woman’s House is a document of her visit to Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro's Womanhouse, a feminist art installation and performance space. In the same year Idemitsu made Inner-Man, her first work featuring a Jungian inner persona, a theme and style she continues to explore. In the work, Idemitsu overlays images of a naked man over a woman in kimono, suggesting the inner man in a woman. A beautiful picture of her lonely sentiments of living abroad, Santa Monica 3 (1974) shines light on Idemitsu’s filmic lyricism. Emotional Volatility about My Father (1981) illustrates her tangled relationship with her father, who had disowned her when she chose to remain in California. Great Mother (SACHIKO) (1985) is a typical representation of what is known as "Mako-style," in which the physical monitor placed in the shot represents a psychological other that inflicts internal conflict within the protagonist.


You Can’t Get What You Want

Hi! Eckard

Woman’s House



What a Woman Made

At Santa Monica 1

At Santa Monica 2

Baby Variation

At Yukigaya 1

Sam Are You Listening?

At Yukigaya 2

At Santa Monica 3

Something Within Me

At New Mexico 1

At Any Place 1

At Any Place 2

Another Day of A Housewife

At Any Place 3

At Yukigaya 3

At Any Place 4: From The Tango of a Housewife by Yoneyama Mamako

At Any Place 5

At Karuizawa 1

Make Up

At Yukigaya 4

Housewives and a Day

Shadow Part 1

My America, Your America

Emotional Volatility About My Father

Shadow Part 2

Animus Part 1

Animus Part 2


Hideo, It’s Me, Mama

Great Mother (Harumi)

Great Mother (Yumiko)

Great Mother (Sachiko)

Play and Capriciousness

Whispering Light

The Marriage of Yasushi

Yoji, What’s Wrong With You?

Kiyoko’s Situation

Kae, Act Like A Girl!